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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Melissa, and I’m a mother of two beautiful children. I write for them. To put smiles on their faces. To help them think and care about the world around them. I hope the children in your life enjoy my stories as well, and that my books may add a little sweetness to your own story times.
I am a mom. My son is bright, intuitive, curious, and a natural engineer just like his dad. My daughter is a swirling, musical, smiling creative free-spirit. Like me on my good days. On my off days, I refuel with chocolate.
I am a former TV news reporter and anchor. Storytelling is now and always has been a big part of who I am.
And I am a writer. My work has won awards for fiction short stories, been published in a national magazine, appeared on kitchen tables during my brief stint as a print reporter, and rode into homes on the airwaves of network affiliates in the Northwest when I reported and anchored the day’s news.
I have also served on the boards for my local chapter of Mystery Writers of America and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association.
I love to write! Every book you buy and review helps me start my Stories and Smiles project – a way to bring comfort to children in need of overnight stays at hospitals and care centers around the country. To read more, please visit the Stories and Smiles page.

To contact me, send an e-mail to melissaATmelissamorse.com. Please be sure to change the “AT” in the address to a symbol: @Stories_and_Smiles.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0