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It is an idea born from the strains and the successes of my young son’s three surgeries. He had his first surgery as a one-year-old (and got a big green cast!).

Having surgery is hard!

It’s hard for the parents, it’s hard for the hospital staff, and most importantly, it’s hard for the children. Especially the brave little ones whose procedures require staying in the hospital overnight.

My son was “lucky.” All three of his surgeries were out-patient. As in, he got to come home and snuggle with his family after each one. Which was amazing.

But some children need -- more.

More time in the hospital, more time in the operating room, more time recovering. And I think those children should get a little something special for their bravery. Something they can enjoy right in their hospital rooms
and bring home when they are discharged.

Enter -- the Stories and Smiles tote bags! Geared for children from ages 2 through 10.

So, what’s in the bag?

Stories and smiles, of course! All thanks to you! In each tote I’ll include 3 children’s books, coloring pages, crayons and a clipboard (to use for coloring while resting in a hospital bed). Plus -- homemade bookmarks.

Bookmarks? I love bookmarks!

I’m glad you do! If you would like to contribute something handmade to the tote bags, I would love to have it. A fun project for the kids (or kids-at-heart), I think homemade bookmarks add a little touch of happy. E-mail me to find out where to mail your completed bookmarks. And check out the links in the sidebar for some inspirational ideas.

Hurry up already -- let’s KICKSTART this project!

I agree! I will be donating some of the proceeds from my book sales to fund the Stories and Smiles project. I am in contact with children’s book authors as we speak to see if they can donate some of their books. And I’m searching for an economical and inviting way to prepare the tote bags. The hospitals I’ve spoken with are very excited too. Thank you for your support!


So, what is Stories and Smiles?